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Commercial                                   New installations, Refinishing or Maintenance

Gym Floor

Gym Floor

Gym Floor

Gym Floor

Alro Hardwood Floors proudly offers commercial installations and professional maintenance of your hardwood floors.


We provide systems for sport gym floors , or commercial hardwood floors for business offices and retail stores. We offer special products that are designed for commercial applications, providing durability for high traffic accessibility.


We also provide maintenance, such as re-sands or re-coats, for existing commercial hardwood floors.


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Refinish, Resurface or Maintain

The beauty of a hardwood floor, is the opportunity to refresh, update, or maintain your floor as many times as allowed by your specific product. Most floors will at least allow for one time re-surface or re-sanding.


Hardwood floors as it ages, as it is lived on, played on and enjoyed on, acquires some dings and scratches, especially on high traffic areas where the finish wears down.  Alro Hardwood Floors can come in and provide you with a resurface service, or a refinishing service. We can give your floor a new look by changing its color, finish or texture.


Call us now for a professional and free estimate 


(602) 290 - 4270

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